Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Out of Reach

Last week I went to Seabrook Island, SC to the St. Christopher Camp & Conference Center. (Hence, the delay in a new post...limited access to technology.) The girl in the photo is my daughter, Logan right after she visited the Mud-Pit. Seabrook is what scientist refer to as a "barrier island." Its one of the things God created to help protect the shores of our coast from the forces of nature. What a great concept! Create masses of land to help protect the mainland where most of the civilization will live.

As I consider the principle of having barriers to help protect our coastland, I can't help but recognize the need for barriers in my personal life. I need to make sure that I have put in place things to protect me from the forces of nature...my sinful nature.

These would include:
- other men to ask me tough questions about what I'm watching on TV or on the Internet
- giving my wife all of my passwords
- positioning the monitor in my office so that anyone can see what I'm looking at
- never going to lunch (or anywhere) with a female other than my wife
- avoiding movie channels on the satellite
- being committed to spending time in the Bible to fill my mind with God's word
- avoiding negative people.

How about you? Do you need barriers in your life to protect the "mainland?" Don't wait until the storm comes to try and put them in place. Do it when things are calm. That way you'll be able to see things more clearly.

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