Thursday, September 13, 2012

12 Marks of a Great Leader or Manager

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Have you ever heard of "Crowd-Sourcing?" Maybe you've heard the term "Collective Intelligence." There is a Japanese Proverb that reads: "None of us are as smart as all of us." The idea is that two heads really are better than one. In fact that's how good ideas are birthed...from multiple influences directed toward a single objective.

Here is a video (4:00) that illustrates where good ideas come from...
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With that point made, I want to share a list I crafted from the input of several members of a CrowdSource Think Tank I get to contribute to at The topic is leadership. The question to be answered is"What makes a great leader?" 

12 Marks of a Great Leader

1) Gives their best to the team by always learning and growing as a leader.
2) Has charisma...more interested in others than having others more interested in them.
3) Stays out of the way and does only what they can do.
4) Loves what they do and does what they love.
5) Is a person of character, responsibility and trust...does what they say they will do.
6) Looks ahead for solutions and not behind at the problems
7) Adds value to their team and seeks to set them up for success.
8) Instills confidence in their team as opposed to fear.
9) Understands that if it's a mist in the leader's lips, it's a fog in the team's ears.
10) Makes sure the team understands how their contribution is critical to the goal.
11) Has clear communication with expectations, affirmations and appreciation.
12) Knows his team, beyond the job.

Do you agree? What would you add to the list?

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