Thursday, September 6, 2012

My "Tweets" from Randy Hahn's GIC sermon

I showed great discipline tonight as I sat in the Global Missions Kick-Off service at First Baptist North Spartanburg. We were blessed to hear Randy Hahn, the pastor of Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Colonial Heights, VA. It took all I could muster to not Tweet these nuggets during the service...
  • Is God as great to us as that which we go on and on about?
  • Worship should lead to witnessing.
  • Worship should lead to missions.
  • If it stops in here (church), then it's empty out there.
  • How many times did we hear the Gospel before we received it? [Personal Note: the rest of this is the math teacher in me coming out, mixed with Randy's point...] If you take every time we heard and did not receive it (n), then it took (n-1) times for God to return to me with grace.
  • Why would God give all of the good we received while we were living separated from Him? It's because of His grace.
  • David was overwhelmed that God would live among the people. How should we act that He would live INSIDE us!
  • Yes, we should sing and sing and sing; and verse 9 tells us that singing should become telling and that telling has a focused content, the greatness of God, and a focussed destination, the people...people group...(Personal Note: aka..."outsiders")
  • How awesome would it be for God to look at us and think that we look just like Him while we reflect His greatness!!!
My Take-Away:
When we will position ourselves to be molded by God, great things can happen. However, if position ourselves to take the place of God, very little can happen. Even if we think we're doing Him a favor. Seek to take the life God has given you and chase after Him and you will begin to reflect His greatness in and through you...and you may not even know you're doing it...but keep at it!!!

Were you there? What was your "Take-Away?"

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