Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Birds and the Bees...

Thought that would get your attention...

This past weekend, my wife took our youngest daughter away for her "Big Girl" talk. I'm not sure how you might handle this, but it stressed my wife to no end. The stress wasn't so much due to the content as it was her desire to set the correct foundation for our daughter's understanding of the greatest expression of love between a husband and wife.

As much as we try to use our marriage to reflect God's love for His greatest and favorite creation, we can only show them so much ;o). Some things are best reserved for them to discover with thier future spouse.

You may be asking, "How did it go?" Answer: GREAT!

How can anyone say that talking to an eleven-year-old about sex is "Great!"? It's easy. She used a program called, "Passport to Purity" produced by Dennis and Barbara Rainey (link provided below.) It's a weekend get-a-way with five sessions covering everything from self-esteem, dating and yes, the intricate details of "the marriage bed." More importantly, it was all based on God's design for His creation, not pop-culture. Just you, your child, some props and a CD player.

I love my wife! She loves our girls enough to work to put this weekend together and plan all of the details to pull it off. It will be a memory for them that will last a lifetime! It's like this; as parents, we can be reactive TO our kids or we can be proactive FOR our kids. We just want to be ahead of them to help them learn to make good choices.

The choices they make now will determine the life they live later.

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