Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Would You Do?

Watch this (it's NOT gory)...

What inhibits us from coming to the assistance of people in need? Having experienced this first hand recently, I have learned that when I rely on my REACTION to something like this, I will fail...just like the people in the video.

A month ago, I came upon a fatal automobile accident. Both vehicles were grossly mangled; one was even upside down. As I exited my vehicle I saw others running to the assistance of two individuals who were ejected from their vehicle. I approached the vehicle that was upside down and saw a hand reaching out a broken window. I got down to assess their condition. Both the driver and passenger, husband and wife, were alert with only minor injuries, just hanging upside down (no one had a knife to cut the seat belt.) Since they were "OK," I defaulted to "Good Samaritan" mode and gave my attention to cleaning debris out of the road and gathering some valuables that were scattered across the road. Once the emergency personnel arrived and I had given them the valuables I had gathered, I left. Then it hit me...

Not once had I made an attempt to comfort this couple. I didn't ask their name. I didn't stay with them until help arrived. I didn't offer to call anyone. I just left...


I have concluded that I failed in this instance because I wasn't prepared. I relied solely on my REACTION and not a RESPONSE. What's the difference? A response is premeditated. It is planned out in advance. It is having a plan.

This event was a defining moment in my life.  I seriously doubt that I'll find myself in a similar situation and react the way I did that afternoon.  And if you find yourself in a such a scenario, I hope you'll learn from my mistake and be better prepared than I was.

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