Monday, November 28, 2011

Who's Talking About You?

Yesterday, I heard a story and knew immediately that I wanted to share it with this audience. It was shared by my friend Donna Ward, whom I hope to see joining the "blogosphere" in the near future. She has a great perspective on the Bible, loves teaching it and does so with much passion.

Donna shared how she was in the midst of a challenge in her life. At the same time, her teenage daughter, Hannah, was having her own challenges that frequently raise their head in the life of a teenager. As any mom would do, Donna was carrying both challenges, seeking resolution and closure. As she lay in bed one morning, praying through her situation and feeling as though no one had ever been in this place before, the Lord asked her, "How do you think Hannah feels?" It was as if He was reminding her that she wasn't alone and that others are in the same boat.

Later that morning, Donna was sharing this experience with her daughter. She was simply trying to encourage her by telling her how God's Holy Spirit had brought her situation to mind. (This is where it gets good.) As she continued about her morning routine, she noticed the room had grown silent. She turned around to see her teenage daughter standing there with a tear gliding down her cheek.

Donna: "What's wrong, Hannah?"

Hannah: "He talked to you about ME??? I knew He loved me, but I didn't know He talked about me." 
Do you know that God talks about you too?

Hebrews 7:25 and 1 John 2:1 tell us that he sits beside God, talking about you all day long. It actually says that He is interceding on our behalf. He intercedes because we are constantly messing things up. Not that we mean to; it's just that we're not perfect and need someone talking about us to our Heavenly Father on our behalf.

So it stands to reason that if He talks to our Heavenly Father about us, then he would bring our name up to those who love and care for us as well. That's because He loves us more than we give Him credit for. We tend to see Him so far away when He's right there beside us.

How many times has someone's name crossed your heart and you have prayed for them? We tend to think it's our memory, but if you're like me, these instances occur when there is no obvious prompt to lead us in that direction.  That's God' Spirit talking about them to you. And just like He brings these people to our minds, He does the same for others on our behalf.

Who has He brought to your mind even as you have spent these few minutes reading this post? Be sure to continue the conversation by praying for that person and maybe even letting them know you were talking about them today.

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  1. Donna actually shared this with us in our Transforming Women bible study and it has come to my mind several times since then. I've tried to get into the habit of praying for people when they come to my mind because often times I really can't think of any other reason why they came to my mind other than God put them there. Thanks, Dwayne, for your blogs! And I agree with you - I hope Donna will start her own blog!

  2. You just have to go with it and not question it and trust that He is using your prayer to impact the life of the person you are praying for. Thanks for the feedback!