Monday, July 30, 2012

Wrecked - Getting Messed Up In a Good Way

I was privileged to get a pre-release of Jeff Goin's new book Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life. In exchange for the sneak peek, I was asked to write a review. 

Very Good Stuff
I'll go ahead and confess, I'm not sure if I can do that effectively. The book has so much great content, that to attempt to whittle it down into a summary may not do it justice. I have a different approach that I want to use. Before I do share, let me set the stage with this simple overview.

Wrecked will make you pause and look back over your life at the moments when your life collided with the world and in those moments, your eyes were opened to a new perspective. More than likely, those experiences altered the direction of your life. Jeff attempts to help us understand those experiences and how the people around us respond to their own Wrecked moments.

Looking Over My Shoulder
I thought I would let you look over my shoulder as I flip through the pages and catch some of my favorite highlights. I am confident that they are strong enough to give you a sense of the content in the book.
- "I've had to give up my rights and expectations so I could find the life I was longing for. And it looked nothing like what I expected."
- "We sense we were made for a great purpose, some cause to make the world a better place. Maybe it's as simple as the realization that our lives aren't a total waste or maybe it's something more."
- "To be wrecked is to be disabused of the status quo."
- "What if the purpose of my life is not all about me? Am I willing to give up all my dreams, my aspirations and comfort to find it?"
- "We will come to grips with a deeper sense of who we are. We will do this by learning to look not so much to our own needs and desires, but rather to those of others."
- "When we intersect with the needs of a dying world, we realize our talents, gifts and passions are not merely ours to enjoy; they are intended as sacrifices."
- "This is an important principle for living a wrecked life. The more generous you are to others, the more everyday blessings will present themselves in unexpected places."
- "Sometimes God doesn't 'close a door and open a widow.' Occassionally He slams the door on your fingers and you're left with a throbbing pain, unsure of where you went wrong."
I'll stop here (with much restraint). I highly recommend this book. It's easy to read and Jeff has some pretty amazing stories from his own experiences of living the Wrecked life.

The book releases on August 1. In fact if you purchase it between August 1 and August 4, you'll get some additional resources from Jeff for FREE. Click here for a list of what you'll get and more information about the book. 

OR, you can preview and purchase it on

I would love to read your comments about the book...

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