Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How's the Love List coming?

Chip Crane is the leader I mentioned in my last post who's story prompted me to begin writing my Love List.  I asked him to share his Love List and how the list came into existence...

I was in a hotel room in San Fran on a Sunday afternoon. I was in a leadership position with good income, meaning I was "comfortable" by material standards. However, I wanted my life to be used to make a SIGNIFICANT impact on others both inside and outside of my sphere of influence, so I prayed. 

"God, what did you build me for? Give me my purpose. Show me Your heart." He then had me write my love list, then my gifts/talents, then see if my life experiences supported that and finally if that would be of value to the world. Of course all these aligned.

My love list was:
1. Outdoor activities (climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, etc.)
2. Leading others
3. Teaching
4. There are more, but the top 3 are just that - the top three.

MY gifts/talents and experience supported each of those. In that I had been doing the outdoor activities for 20+ years, I had lead others for 19+ years and I had been teaching college courses for years (continuing education to be specific). As well I had received some of the worlds best leadership training (see the http://www.highestgols.com/index_files/About_us.htm for details.)
As I looked over this list and considered all the resources and training I had received, the idea of an outdoor leadership school was the next step.

Thanks Chip!

Keep working on that list! Life is too short to watch others live in their "sweet spot."

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