Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love List

I recently had lunch with a gentleman for the purposes of hearing the story of his "Low Profit" start-up.  Part of his story involves his response to something he read in "Wild at Heart"  by John Ortberg. Out of what he read, he was compelled to pull out a pad of paper and a pen and begin making a list of all the things he loved and loved to do.  This list was the catalyst to his new start-up, an outdoor leadership experience.

What stuck with me the most was this concept of a "Love List." Sitting down and writing out a list of the things you love to do and then begin to ask the Lord to lead you to or open up the opportunity to do all of those things in a way that honors Him and quite possibly will allow you to support your life and/or family.

So, what does your Love List look like?  (I'm still working on mine.  Will post here soon.)  I'd love to see your list! Please post in the comment section.

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