Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Are You a Star?

"Everybody is a star, you just need to find your audience." 

I had this revelation not too long ago as I watched young ladies participate in a leadership recognition event.  My girls were invited to this program a few years ago and it's made a huge impact on their lives. From this event, they've had opportunities to speak and perform in public, serve in many areas of our community and meet many other girls like them...Stars.

You see, I've come to accept that everyone is a star. It's just that not everyone has found their audience. As I watched these young ladies display the qualities that make them unique, I realized that each one had their own audience. An audience is any group of people who can see your potential. As these girls performed, introduced themselves to the crowd or simply engaged with her peers, they always had someone cheering them on.

So where's your audience?
Just ask yourself, who in my life will gladly give me all the time I need? Who listens to your ideas? Who consistently comes to you for your input? Seth Godin calls this group your "tribe"; Twitter calls them "Followers"; Facebook calls them "Friends." I call them "Fans."

They're out there...we just have to find them and connect. And connect not for what you can get from them, but rather what you can give too them.

Right now I have two big "fans" in my life.  One allows me brainstorm and cast out ideas, right and left.  The other is my biggest encourager. I gravitate towards my fans. And it's not because they tell me what I want to hear. 

Previously I shared my approach to creative thinking (you can find it here.) I just need someone to listen and engage with me about what changes need to be considered. My fans are honest and will tell me if my ideas are poor or disconnected. They will typically take my ideas and make them way better than I ever could.

So, the question of the day: who are your fans? What are you doing to cultivate those connections? How can you serve them today?

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