Thursday, September 8, 2011

How's your TRUST?

We're working on the next component of our TRANSFORM emphasis for 2011.  It's Prayer.  As I have read material on prayer, sat in meetings on prayer and taken a hard look at my own prayer life, it's been revealing as to how much room I have to improve in this area.

One revalation I had was how little I trust God. I tend to lean more on my ability than His availability. I go to my plan first and ask Him to bless it or lead me.  He desires the opposite.  In Matthew 6, we read that if we seek first His kingdom then He will cover our needs. We just need to trust Him more and trust us less.

Today I was working on some of these components and crafted a pattern for me to follow as I talk to my Heavenly Father.

Thanksgiving - Psalm 100 tells us to "enter His courts with thanksgiving." I begin by thanking Him for His provision in my life. John says it best, "He must increase and I must decrease."

Rebuke - What behavior or environment needs to be rebuked? The Bible teaches that our sin prevents God from hearing our prayers. No need to move past here until I ask Him to search my heart and reveal the barriers to our communication.

Understanding - I ask the Lord to help me understand how He wants me to change. To help me see the big picture of my life. What is it He wants me to do or become? Ask for understanding.

Supplication - That's a 5-dollar word for "What's on your heart?" Who has asked me to pray for them? What needs have I heard about that I need to lift before the Lord? I have pages in my journal set aside to keep up with how He answers my prayers.

Transformation - I ask Him to bring about change in my transform me into the person He longs for me to become. What is His plan for my life at this very moment? What is happening to put me on a path in that direction?

What do you think? I would love your feedback or maybe your process of faithful, God-seeking prayer.  Use the "Comment" box below to share.

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