Friday, February 4, 2011

A "D6 Dad"

In preparation for the upcoming Myrtle Beach/Dasani Half-Marathon, I had a dreaded 12-miler this past week. These long runs always go by faster when I run with a group or partner. You get to talk while you run and trust me...when you have to run for two hours, you find plenty to share.

My running buddy began to sharing about a opportunity he recently had to reach out to a homeless gentleman in our area. The point of the story wasn't the token of his generosity.  It was the presence of the curious spectators in his vehicle...his kids. He wanted them to be witnesses to what it means to love your neighbor as Jesus loves us.  He also shared how when he finds a deal on Krispie Kreme doughnuts...a buy a dozen, get a dozen steal, he'll grab his kids and take off with hope that the "Hot & Now" light is bursting in it's blaring red neon.  As they consume the first dozen, he will announce, "OK kids. Now we have to give away the other dozen."

As he shared this, it occurred to me that this guy is a D-6 Dad! To be more specific...a Deuteronomy 6 Dad! (Click here to read the text.)

Basically, he understands that it's our job to teach our kids the guiding principles of God's word. Too often parents treat the spiritual development of their children the same way they treat piano lessons or baseball.  They don't know how to do it themselves, so they drop them off with someone who does.

Don't be that parent. Embrace the blessing of leading your kids and helping them develop their God-given potential.

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