Friday, July 22, 2011

Are You Leading in the Cloud?

This week Apple launched the new OS X Lion operating system for its computers. One key enhancement will be the availability to function more in the "cloud." In case you're not familiar with Cloud Computing, it's basically using the web to store lots of data. During the pre-cloud era, you could run programs from the web, but data was typically stored on your computer, therefore consuming precious storage space.  Now you can throw photos, music and more out there in web-land and preserve your personal space.

What's interesting is that the whole Cloud thing really isn't new.  Some leaders have been using the "cloud" in their  leadership for a long time. Their goal is to intentionally create a cloud of dust so that those who follow them aren't real sure which way they are going.  They just trust that the leader knows where he or she is going, so it must be a good thing...right?

Leaders need to be clear...crystal clear. If the people you influence aren't sure where you are taking them, they will deem the journey a waste of time. They want to know, with clarity, 1) "What do you want me to do?" (objective) and 2) "Where will doing this task take me?" (relevance). To borrow an analogy from Little League baseball. Some leaders just want the ball to be fair; to be inside the lines.  Anywhere is "good" as long as it's fair. It's time for leaders to quit playing Little League Leadership. It's time for the big league! It's time to be clear!

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