Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When Dad is Away...

While my dad is away in Nicaragua, he has asked me to fill in for him this week. I am his oldest daughter, Taylor, a sophomore in high school in this upcoming school year.

This past week I attended Student Leadership University in Washington DC. I was able to hear from many Christian leaders that work within the political arena. But one of my favorite sessions was The Lincoln Legacy, by Brent Crowe.

Brent gave many examples of why Lincoln was such an amazing leader, and what we can learn from his life. I wanted to share with you a few of these lessons.

Be your own greatest teacher. Lincoln grew up on a farm, and both of his parents were both uneducated, so Lincoln had to teach himself what he did not understand. Lincoln’s father was a great storyteller. Lincoln would listen to his father’s stories and when he heard something he did not understand he would ponder upon those things until he found out what it was that he did not understand. We need to continually be learning from ourselves.

Be a patient and focused competitor. Lincoln was a lawyer in his earlier years. He would allow the defendant to win all the points but the last one, because he knew that if he won the last one, he would win. This is why he was considered such a great lawyer. He knew he had to be patient, but focused. In today’s world, patience isn’t a prized virtue, but it should be. Patience is very important.

Over all, Lincoln was a hard worker, a very smart man, and had out standing character, and we can learn a lot from his life.

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