Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Old School vs. New School

Have you noticed a shift in leadership models? I have started reading Jeremy Kubicek's "Leadership Is Dead." (I've actually stopped in order to allow a companion to catch up so we can exchange impressions...) Kubicek makes the case for a shift in leadership models. It has influenced my thinking on my own leadership style and has heightened my awareness to the leadership models around me.

One distinction I've noticed is that "Old Schoolers" tend to measure success in tangibles: the "bottom line", people and widgets. Not to dismiss the value of these metrics, but I sense that "New Schoolers" don't land on the same page. They tend to measure success by intangibles: Was the process effective? Were there any "hiccups"? Did the people have a good experience?

So how about you? Are you "Old School" or "New School"? Do you agree or disagree?

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