Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are you Rewriting the Dictionary?

It's Science Fair time at my house. Nothing creates tension in our home more consistently than this season of home laboratories, deadlines and display boards. We have made it a team effort, playing to each contributor's strengths. My wife, Angela, is the project manager. That means she checks the assignment sheet daily to see what needs to be completed and when. I am the Project Encourager as well as provide "Adult Supervision" for power tools and sharp objects. Our kids do the work with an occasional hand from us with glueing objects and proof-reading.

As we were working on this year's project, Angela and Logan (this year's "scientist") ended up in a typing war to see who could type the fastest on the computer. The only thing missing was the music from Dueling Banjos.

In an attempt to impress her mom, Logan just starting striking the keys as if she were playing the piano, thus creating a mess of text on the screen along with the customary red, squiggly line underneath indicating that the computer didn't recognize her ensemble of letters.  Her mom declared, "That's not even a word." To which Logan replied, "That's OK, all I have to do is Right-Click and select "Add to Dictionary" and then it will be real."

Is this what we've taught the next generation? When life does not go in your favor, just "Right-Click" and change the standard?

While Logan's comment as well as mine are made in jest, there is reason to be concerned.  Do our kids fully understand there are non-negotiables in life? Do they know that when life gets hard we don't lower the bar, change the definition or make up our own word? The only way they'll learn is by watching our lives.

So here's the $10,000 question: As you look at your life, are there any areas where you change the standard for your benefit?  It's a tough question, but one worth your time. If you're not sure and your kids are old enough, ask them...I dare you!